Falconry, a living human heritage

Inscribed in 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity


Decision 5.COM 6.45

The Committee decides that this element satisfies the criteria for inscription on the Representative List, as follows:

  •       R1: Falconry, recognized by its community members as part of their cultural heritage, is a social tradition respecting nature and the environment, passed on from generation to generation, and providing them a sense of belonging, continuity and identity;

  •       R2: Its inscription on the Representative List could contribute to fostering cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue worldwide, thus enhancing visibility and awareness of intangible cultural heritage and its importance;

  •       R3: Efforts already underway in many countries to safeguard falconry and ensure its transmission, focusing especially on apprenticeship, handicrafts and conservation of falcon species, are supplemented by planned measures to strengthen its viability and raise awareness both at national and international levels;

  •       R4: Communities, associations and individuals concerned have participated in the elaboration of this nomination at all stages and have provided plentiful evidence of their free, prior and informed consent;

  •       R5: Falconry is included on inventories of intangible cultural heritage in each of the submitting States.