In 1967 falconry was banned in Denmark. The falconers are allowed to fly and train their birds of prey in Denmark but have to go abroad when hawking.
In 1993 the reintroduction of falconry was at hand. The Conservative Minister of the Environment was in favour of falconry.
Before the Hunting Act was passed in Parliament an unfortunate change of government took place. The Hunting Act was amended and it went from bad to worse. The ban on Falconry remained. 
The Social Democratic Minister of the Environment declared that he intended to excercise a very restrictive administration. He anticipated that a ban on hawking - and without any exemption granted - would reduce the number of falconers considerably.
The hopeless situation  in Denmark is due to the acts of some highly irresponsible Danish falconers. In spite of numerous warnings from many falconers and The Minister of the Environment, they sent in a letter to The Counsel of Wildlife Management with an application for pest control with falcons.

In the letter to The Counsel of Wildlife Management they stated that non-indigenous species of birds of prey were to be excluded in order to prevent fauna pollution. It is incomprehensible that this proposal was put forward by falconers. I do not hope that a similar proposal will be put forward by falconers in other countries.

Pest control is not hawking and the majority of the Danish falconers think that these persons have cast a stain on their honour.  As expected, the application was met with a refusal.

In March 2008 the present Minister of the Environment declared that he had no intentions to propose an amendment to The Hunting Act in order to allow falconers to hunt with their birds of prey.


Good night, and good luck Danish falconers