Birds of prey and owls are to be kept in an aviary made up by welded wire mesh or the like.  At least one corner must be protected and the adjacent  walls and roof must be made by opaque material. 

The aviary must be furnished with at least two perches, one of which has to be covered. The perches should be made of natural branches of varying form and diameter. One of the perches should be placed in a height of at least 2 meter. 

At the bottom of the aviary a large stone has to be placed enabling the birds to whet their beaks. 

It should be possible for the birds to have a daily dust bath (earth/dust is preferable to sand). Furthermore it should be possible to have a daily bath in a bath tub with a diameter of at least the same size as half the wing span of the bird.

The aviary has to have the following minimum size limit:






Small falcons, sparrow hawks, and owls

3 m

2 m

2,5 m

Large falcons, eagle owls, kites, and goshawks 5  m 3 m 3 m
Eagles and vultures 8 m 5 m 3 m